Our Services Include:

  • Scheduled maintenance for Harley Davidsons
  • Minor and major repairs
  • Performance upgrades from pipes to full motor builds
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Tire changes
  • Wheel and accessory installations

What is Dyno Tuning?

While we do all kinds of work on Harleys, our main obsession is making them run better.  In our Dyno room, on our Dynojet 250i, we do just that.  We are well-versed in tuning carb bikes as well as fuel injection.  Some of the tuning systems we specialize in are Power Commander, Harley Race Tuners, Power Vision, and Thundermax (ask about yours if not listed!).  We pride ourselves in making sure that you get a custom map tailored to your bike to unlock all horsepower!
Took my bike to get a new rim and tire put on before I left for a 5 day trip. First of all, he fit me in with a short notice. As I was leaving his shop, the bike started sputtering. I drove back to his shop to see if he could find the issue. Even though it was closing time, he went above and beyond and stayed 3 hours past troubleshooting and figuring out the problem. After figuring out it was the fuel pump, he installed a new one. If not for him, I would not be heading out on my trip tomorrow. My hats off to all the guys at Twin Performance Tuners! They made me a life long customer! I highly recommend this shop! 
— Tony T.